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Residencia De Muzon is notable for its Spanish-inspired architectural style. Hence, walking into this community feels more like walking into a Spanish-style resort. You can therefore expect that relaxing ambiance that home buyers are seeking with this community. But the resort-style experience is not just limited to the architectural style of Residencia De Muzon – it also boasts of world-class and resort-like facilities and amenities.

When you live in Residencia de Muzon, you will experience a community that is all about life-work-play balance. Therefore, the developers have facilitated in providing adequate range of amenities that will keep you comfortable and provide leisure where needed.

First and foremost, Residencia De Muzon features an entrance gate with guard house. This beautifully designed entrance gate will provide a glimpse of the architectural design of the homes inside this subdivision. It therefore showcases a consistency in theme and design. At the same time, the guard house is equipped with security personnel that are available to ensure that every homeowner is safe and secure by monitoring the entry and exit of vehicles in this community. 

Aside from the entrance gate, the community also has its own Clubhouse that features the same Spanish-inspired architecture. This beautiful clubhouse also serves as the center of the amenity area in this subdivision. This clubhouse is available for all homeowners to use for social gatherings and other similar functions. It has a large enough space to accommodate a large group of people. 

True to its commitment of providing leisure and play opportunities, Residencia De Muzon also features a swimming pool. This full-sized swimming pool is designed for adults. There are also covered benches at the side of the pool, which comes with tables and chairs. You can use this spot to have a picnic or to relax in while trying to cool off from the heat. In addition to the swimming pool, there are plenty of pocket parks and playground area available throughout this community. These parks provide an essence of green into the community so you can feel relaxed and also to serve an aesthetic purpose. These parks and landscaped areas are maintained on a regular basis to keep them clean and in good condition.

The playground for children is not the only leisure facility provided at Residencia de Muzon. There is also a basketball court within the community premises. This outdoor basketball court is designed for those who want to engage in their favorite sport, but it can also be used for some other purposes that the homeowners can enjoy. 

The leisure and recreational amenities available at Residencia De Muzon are not the only ones available. There are also basic community facilities that ensure quality service and convenience for the homeowners. These facilities include concrete roads, alleys, gutters, and curbs. There is also an underground drainage system for the entire community to keep it flood-free despite the heavy rain flow. And finally, the housing units are fully finished in the interior and exterior by the time of turnover. Hence, you won’t need to do any work on them and all that is left to do is to furnish it

  • Entrance Gate
  • Basketball Court
  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pool
  • Parks and Playground
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